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All about c10 Reformer Pilates

c10 Reformer Pilates is a small group Reformer and Clinical Pilates studio in Warners Bay. Our classes are safe, challenging and empowering for all ages and levels.


There’s no one-size-fits-all, hyped-up instruction from the front of a crowded room. Instead, in our intimate classes of seven, you’ll be personally guided through a workout tailored to your body’s needs and goals. 


The heart and soul — the fire in the belly of c10 — is our welcoming, friendly (and often cheeky) community. We call them “c10’ers”. In every class, you’ll find smiling faces and uplifting words and be encouraged to love the journey. 


If you want to strengthen your core, naturally manage pain or injury and feel more flexible and full of energy – while enjoying a good laugh… you’ll fit in like an old friend at c10.

Meet your Reformer Pilates partners in crime: Here to support, challenge and celebrate you every step of the way

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Sophie Eshman

Sophie is your confidence concierge. Momentum maker. Queen of Encouragement.

20 years in fitness, no stranger to helping others unlock their body’s potential, Sophie teaches practical Pilates that translates into your everyday life. 

Even if you’re tentative about an injury, Sophie will have you feeling safe & comfortable (with plenty of "aha!" moments) as you realise your inner strength.


Join Sophie for a safe yet challenging workout – activate and strengthen your back, glutes, core and all those smaller muscles you never even knew existed.

Olivia Learoyd

Olivia is like the Google of movement and anatomical knowledge.

After a decade of experience in health and fitness, Olivia brings her knowledge and expertise to c10.

Warm and supportive, Olivia delivers a comfortable and effective workout that will challenge and encourage you, no matter your starting point. 

When she's not inspiring clients at c10, you'll find her exploring the outdoors with her two little ones and a coffee in hand.


Want a conversation starter for when you see Olivia in class? Ask her about her time as a dancer in London's West End.

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Rob Cox

If motivation had a mascot, it would be Rob.

Welcoming smile. Gentle UK accent. Dad jokes right when you need them. All a part of Rob's sneaky plan for making even the toughest moves feel doable. 

Whether you're a newbie or a pro, Rob is a master at tailoring exercises to your unique needs so you feel supported and challenged along the way. 

You’re getting the best of Rob's 15 years of experience helping people ditch pain and rediscover the joy of movement.

Treat yourself and experience Rob’s expertise and down-to-earth nature that's made him a favourite among the c10 tribe.

Belinda Green

Warm and supportive, Belinda creates a comfortable and safe space where you can realise your body's potential.

With over a decade in the health and fitness industry, she is gifted at breaking down exercises into manageable steps. 

Her strong focus on form and technique empowers you to feel confident and capable, no matter your starting point.

She's a c10 favourite – especially for beginners and members who like to focus on good form and true Pilates technique. 

If you’re ready to shine, see Belinda on Monday mornings at c10.


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