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Let's talk about the 'Reformer' in the room...


It's likely your Physio mentioned it... or your friends can't stop raving about how good it makes them feel.

Maybe you need a natural way to help manage pain/injury... or you want a high-results, low-impact workout – one that’s actually fun.


Whatever led you to this page...


You're invited to try out the C10 Small Group Reformer Pilates classes with our Intro Offer:


Get your first 5 Classes for $60.

Intro Pack valid for 1 month 

*new clients only

Over 5 fun-filled classes, you’ll connect with your instructors, make new friends and finally understand what others mean when they say...

“My week doesn’t feel right without it!”

It's because Reformer Pilates helps you:

  • Build strength

  • Manage pain (neck, back and more)

  • Enhance your recovery and prevent future injury

  • Find your balance and calm

  • Increase your mobility and flexibility 

  • Feel more energetic during the day and sleep better at night

Intro Pack valid for 1 month 

*new clients only

And when you read the C10 testimonials, you’ll notice recurring themes like…

1-ON-1 ATTENTION: In our intimate classes of 7, you'll feel safe, confident and supported as your instructor personally guides you through each exercise.


EXPERT INSTRUCTORS: Give your body the VIP treatment with instructors who specialise in body movement and strength building.


TAILORED WORKOUTS: Enjoy the perfect balance of challenge and fun with clarity and modifications as you need them.


FIND YOUR TRIBE AND THRIVE: At C10, laughter and encouragement are as welcome as your best friend arriving with a coffee in hand.

Speaking of testimonials...

Sally M.

"Awesome reformer studio... really great one-on-one attention from the instructors!"

Strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and a welcoming community await at C10

Ready to hit the Reformers?

Get your first 5 classes for only $60: Click the button below to create your account and purchase the Intro Pack. You’ll then be emailed instructions on how to book your first class.

Intro Pack valid for 1 month 

*new clients only

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